What is Nu.Q?

Nu.Q™ represents a powerful step-change in rethinking the approach to cancer. It is a simple solution to the challenging problem of early cancer diagnosis. Nu.Q’s unique technology looks for very early ‘nucleosomic’ markers of cancer. Nu.Q uses an array of simplecost-effective, and accurate blood tests. These tests identify early stage cells before the cancer spreads.

Up to 50% of all dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Early diagnosis informs and reassures patients.

How It Works

Cancer leads to irregular levels of uniquely structured nucleosomes in the blood. Through a simple test, with a small amount of blood, we are able to detect those unique nucleosomes; and by measuring and analyzing them, our Nu.Q tests can identify patients who may have a cancer. This must be confirmed by follow up procedures – for example, for colorectal cancer a colonoscopy must be performed.

Who is a good candidate?

This blood screening is for dogs only at this time. The screening is best for dogs over the age of 2. But, is highly recommended in at-risk breeds or canines already showing symptoms of these cancers.

Talk to the Vet

During your next appointment talk to the veterinarian and ask them about Nu.Q
and if they would recommend it for your furry family member.