Pet CT Scan Services in Tampa, FL

CT (Computed Tomography) Scans in pets are exactly the same as in humans. We utilize rotating x-rays around a patient to make cross-sectional images, which is an extremely rapid imaging modality. With CT Scans, we are able to study spines, skulls, identify tumors, etc. This helps our doctors better diagnose your pet and begin treatment. All studies are read by Board Certified Radiologists, usually within a few hours after the procedure is performed.

MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are used to visualize the nervous system. Your pet is placed in our machine, where images of the brain and spinal cord are taken. These images are of extremely high detail and resolution. The use of MRI’s is the golden standard in veterinary medicine, and help identify disc herniations, brain tumors, strokes, as well as many other conditions. All studies are read the same day by Board-Certified Neurologists.

Both CT Scans and MRI’s are non-invasive and non-painful forms of imaging.

Quick-Facts About Mobile Pet Imaging

What Is Mobile Pet Imaging?

Mobile Pet Imaging is a veterinary service that offers the latest in high-definition CT Scans and fluoroscopy—in a mobile unit that comes to vets’ offices.

What Is A CT Scan?

CT stands for Computed Tomography. It is basically a series of very fine X‑rays that the computer then assembles into a 3D image. CT scans are especially helpful in evaluating the skull, brain, sinuses, inner ear, eye sockets, spine and discs, bones, joints, and soft tissues.

How Are We Different?

  • Mobile Pet Imaging HD CT Scans offer more resolution than traditional diagnostic imaging tools.
  • In most cases, Mobile Pet Imaging’s CT scans are more affordable than traditional CT Scans.
  • Mobile Pet Imaging comes to veterinarians’ offices, so there is no need for referral to a different hospital or office. Your pet will be scanned in the mobile unit at your veterinarian’s office and returned to them for aftercare. A licensed veterinarian is with your pet at all times during our service.
  • A CT Report by a board-certified radiologist is emailed to the primary veterinarian within 24 hours (can be ordered “rush” if needed).

Some Interesting Cases

  • Mobile Pet Imaging provides services to more than just dogs and cats. In the first year of business, Mobile Pet Imaging has had the honor of helping diagnose all sorts of animals: from a pet squirrel, a cockatoo and a Komodo dragon, to rabbits and a marmoset.
  • Mobile Pet Imaging’s equipment accommodates animals up to 200 lbs., including the chimpanzee scanned for the Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County.
  • A case done at the Palm Beach Zoo caught the eye of local news; two recent cases at a private practice will be featured on a national TV show.
  • Mobile Pet Imaging is also proud to have done many discounted scans for rescue groups, veterinarians and their staff, zoos and wildlife facilities throughout South Florida.

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