About Us

resized_250x166_bigstock_A_dog_having_it_s_heart_rate_c_17531807Meet Our Tampa, FL Veterinarian

Looking for an experienced veterinarian in Tampa, FL to care for your pet? Then you have come to the right place!

From our wellness loyalty packages to advanced diagnostic services, our team at Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre is proud to provide cutting-edge services. Our veterinarian, Dr. Timothy Hodge, has been serving the North Tampa community since 1995. Together with our experienced team of veterinary technicians and hospital administrators, Dr. Hodge makes visiting the animal hospital a great experience for both pets and owners.

Pet owners choose our animal hospital because of our extensive experience providing the Tampa Bay area with high-quality preventative and corrective care. Dr. Hodge and our veterinary technicians have decades of experience working with pets. For example, Paula Hendrickson, our senior health care team technician, has been working with animals for over 16 years. Not every Tampa area animal hospital can offer this deep level of experience for its clients with both veterinarians and veterinary technicians. An experience like this makes a big difference when it comes to treating your pets. We understand what to do to ensure that your pets stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

Another unique feature of our animal hospital has is our commitment to keeping wellness care affordable with our wellness loyalty packages. We truly believe that the best “cure” is to prevent illness in the first place. Preventative care is the foundation of our practice. From annual wellness exams to cutting-edge diagnostic services, our veterinarian works hard each day to prevent chronic health problems in our pet patients.

Our wellness loyalty packages are specially tailored to meet your pet’s health needs. We offer puppy and kitten packages, as well as adult packages for active cats and dogs. Not all Tampa, FL veterinarians offer comprehensive and affordable wellness care in one place. These packages include annual wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, and diagnostic blood work. This is just one way that our veterinarian makes a difference each day for our pet patients.

In addition to wellness care, our veterinarians provide pet dentistry, surgical care, nutrition counseling, microchipping and prescription diets. In the event of an emergency, our veterinary care team is trained to provide urgent, life-saving care for your pet – no appointment is required. During regular office hours, you may bring your pet in for urgent care. If possible, please call us on the way so we may have a veterinary care team ready to assist your pet upon arrival. This is one reason that pet owners choose our animal hospital for their pet boarding needs. In addition to our state-of-the-art boarding facilities, pet owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing should an emergency occur, a veterinarian is just steps away to provide life-saving care.

We invite you to visit our animal hospital, meet our veterinarian and experience the difference our care can make for your pet!