Specialty Services in Tampa, FL

Specialty Vet Services

Laser Surgery

One of the most exciting recent advancements in veterinary medicine is the use of surgical lasers. All routine, as well as advanced surgeries are accomplished resulting in virtually no pain or bleeding, as the blood vessels and nerve endings are sealed. We recommend all surgical procedures be performed using the surgical laser.


This service enables us to provide complete medicine under one roof by the use of the Internet, broadband, phone and fax services. We transmit patient information to specialists and referral doctors regarding digitally captured lesions, x-rays, tissue samples, etc., for further diagnostics and second opinions.


Skin diseases are extremely common in pets, but may be difficult to diagnose and treat. Disorders can range from simple fleabite dermatitis to serious skin cancer. In addition to diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases we also provide blood allergy testing, allergy vaccines, and medicating baths.


In our efforts to provide the best possible care for your pet, we utilize our telemedicine abilities to have all cardiology cases we work up to be overseen by a board certified veterinary cardiologist and radiologist, and/or Internal Medicine Specialist.


We are capable of diagnosis and management of neurological disorders including seizures, spinal pain and trauma, neuromuscular disorders, etc. Specialized surgery and tests such as CT scanning, MRI, and electrodiagnostic testing will be recommended as appropriate.

Internal Medicine

Medical cases that involve organ disease, hormonal disease, infections, cancer and illnesses of the body might fall under this broad category. Our ability to provide the correct diagnostics and tests, (lab-work, EKG’s, x-rays, ultrasound, blood pressure, etc.) telemedicine, and diagnostic interpretations help us to establish a diagnosis. Based on that diagnosis we create a specific treatment plan for your pet.