Pet Dentistry in Tampa, FL

Pet Dental Services

In addition to providing exceptional wellness care for pets, Crosscreek Animal Hospital also offers Tampa pet dental care and dental cleaning procedures. We provide regular checkups and cleanings for both dogs and cats. These veterinarian supervised procedures are performed under anesthesia, protecting the safety of our staff and the well-being of the animal.

Using anesthesia prevents the pet from moving during the cleaning and allows the doctor to perform a full examination. Most pet owners can schedule a pet dental checkup and cleaning alongside their pet’s annual examination by our veterinarian.

Pet dental cleanings and checkups are incredibly similar to those performed by dentists on humans. During a dental exam, our veterinarian will carefully examine the pet’s mouth, gums, tongue, cheeks and teeth for any abnormalities or trouble spots. Dental issues identified during exams can include gum disease, tooth decay, and lesions. Typically, if any of these issues are found, treatment can be provided immediately.

Once the examination is complete, our highly trained veterinary dental hygienist will provide a full tooth cleaning to remove all tartar and will complete the cleaning with a tooth polishing. The polishing step helps to protect the teeth from future build-up of tartar and plaque. We recommend yearly professional pet dental cleanings, as well as routine teeth cleaning at home in between visits.

Common Pet Dental Ailments and Prevention

Crosscreek Animal Hospital routinely handles both cat and dog dental procedures. The majority of procedures involve routine checkups and cleanings. However, there are certain circumstances that require immediate attention. Impacted teeth, broken teeth, gum problems or any other circumstance that hinders the cat or dog from eating and drinking should be monitored. Also, bleeding from the mouth or gums of the animal should also be immediately reviewed by vet professional. If your pet has any of these issues, please contact us right away.

All puppies and kittens should also have their teeth examined beginning at their eight week animal hospital checkup. Our veterinarian will look to see if the teeth are growing in correctly or if they are becoming impacted. Some breeds experience this more often than others, but all dogs and cats can be affected by this ailment. If left untreated, impacted teeth can lead to abscesses and infections that can turn into a larger health problem for the pet.

Another common issue our team sees in regards to cat dental and dog dental problems is a disease called Stomatis. This ailment arises when a dog or cat’s immune system becomes allergic to a large buildup of tartar in the animal’s mouth. The immune system begins to see this as a life threatening condition and starts to shed the teeth. In turn, this keeps the animal from being able to consume food and causes great pain. If left untreated, Stomatis can lead to death.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid stomatis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other emergency oral problems is through routine pet dental examinations and cleanings. South Tampa, Channelside, Harbour Island, Davis Island, Ybor City and surrounding community pet owners interested in scheduling a dental appointment may do so by calling our clinic at (813) 994-6929.