Behavior Counseling in Tampa, FL

Behavior Counseling & Dog Training

Behavior Counseling

Often the problem we see with our pets has nothing to do with a physical ailment but it is behavioral. Some pet behavioral problems can be so serious that they threaten the life of the pet when a frustrated or fearful pet owner can no longer cope with the difficult or aggressive actions of their pet and are considering euthanasia.

Veterinarians are trained in pet behavior and are prepared to counsel and teach pet owners on how to treat their pet’s fear, anxiety or aggression based problems. At times medications may even be prescribed as part of the treatment protocol.

We may also recommend specific training services to better assist you at home as well as provide training instructions and medications. We recommend Bark Busters as an at home training services.  The local Bark Buster’s Trainer can be contacted at   At times, consultation with board certified veterinary behaviorist may be needed. We have such contacts available for at home consultations.