Emergency Medical Care in Tampa, FL

Emergency Vet

Staying calm and knowing what to do during an emergency can save your pet’s life. Call us at (813)-229-3322if you feel something is wrong with your pet. We will advise you if your pet requires Tampa FL emergency veterinary care. We treat pet emergencies anytime during our regular office hours, six days a week. Dr. Hodge is an experienced emergency veterinarian. Together with our skilled, caring team and the advanced diagnostics and surgical equipment in our emergency vet hospital, we can help your pet survive a crisis.

If an emergency happens after our business hours, call BluePearl (formerly Florida Veterinary Specialists) at 813-933-8944. Their website is http://florida.bluepearlvet.com/.

Tips From an Emergency Veterinarian

Our Tampa FL emergency veterinarian, Dr. Hodge, advises pet owners to take the following precautions to avoid emergencies: Keep human medications, cleaning supplies, poisonous plants, and certain human foods (chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions, bread dough, etc.) out of reach. Secure trash can lids and keep small, sharp objects and electrical cords away. Keep pets on a leash or in a securely-fenced yard. Never leave your pet alone in the car, and always make sure to keep them cool, well-hydrated and in the shade on hot days. Get pets spayed or neutered and make sure they are always up-to-date on their vaccination schedule. These steps can prevent many trips to the emergency vet clinic. If your pet ever exhibits any of the following symptoms, take the advised actions and call our emergency veterinarian at (813)-229-3322 immediately:

Unresponsive or Unconscious

Check that your pet is breathing and has a pulse. If not, your pet may need CPR (call us right away)! If your pet is feverish, cool them down with cool wet towels. Stabilize them quickly, and then come in to see our emergency dog and cat vet immediately.


Apply firm pressure with sterile gauze or clean towels to stop the bleeding. Be careful if you suspect any broken bones and prepare to bring your pet into our emergency cat and dog vet clinic right away.

Difficulty Breathing

Check if your pet has an object stuck in their throat by gently pulling out their tongue and carefully removing any foreign objects. An allergic reaction or other medical emergency can also cause difficulty breathing, so call us right away.


Stay calm and make sure your pet is in a clear, safe area. Move them away from stairs or anything sharp, and do NOT try to put anything in his mouth. Speak calmly and reassuringly and then bring them into our emergency dog vet at our clinic right after the seizure stops.

Vomiting or Diarrhea

This can indicate that your pet has ingested something harmful or is very sick. If your pet’s stomach is bloated and painful, come in right away as surgery may be necessary.

If your pet is acting strangely or seems to be in pain for no apparent reason, call us immediately at 813-229-3322.