Microchip Pets in Tampa, FL

Pet Microchips

At Crosscreek Animal Hospital, our veterinary care team believes in the value of microchipping pets in Tampa. Sadly, millions of pets are separated from their owners each year. Even worse, 90 percent of pets without a microchip are never reunited with their owners. Collars fall off, pets escape fenced yards, and “Lost Dog” posters fail to bring missing pets home. Microchipping for dogs and cats is the best way to ensure that every pet can be reunited with their owners.

Free Microchipping for Dogs and Cats

In use for nearly two decades, microchipping pets is helping to make lost dogs and cats a thing of the past. The size of a microchip is approximately the same size as a grain of rice. Every chip is encoded with a unique serial number. Placed underneath the skin with a simple injection, anti-migration technology ensures that the microchip remains securely in place. A pet cannot “slip out” of a microchip the way it can slip out of a collar or escape from a fenced yard. Microchipping for cats and dogs ensures that pets always have their identification, no matter where they are.

If a pet is lost, any veterinarian or animal shelter can scan the pet for a microchip. The unique serial number is then matched up with the pet’s information using a microchip database. Since no personal information is stored on the chip, a pet owner’s private address or contact information is never exposed. Only reputable animal hospitals and shelters can access this information.

Microchipping for cats and dogs also makes it easy for owners to update contact information. If you move or change phone numbers, it takes only minutes to log into the microchip database and update your pet’s contact information. This is much faster and less expensive than having to purchase new tags.

Most importantly, by microchipping pets, if your pet becomes lost on a family vacation, the new, unfamiliar territory may confuse your dog or cat. If your pet is microchipped, then any shelter or veterinarian can scan for the chip and securely match the chip’s unique code to your contact information.

Our veterinary team is committed to microchipping pets in Tampa and the surrounding communities. Starting several years ago, we began offering discounted, $10.00 microchips and implantation for our client’s pets. Our veterinarian will perform the simple procedure on routine visits. To set up the microchip, a $19.99 registration fee is paid to HomeAgain. The microchip is then registered in the HomeAgain database.

If you have questions about microchipping your pet, please call our vet clinic today to learn more.